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1. Question - When you use DALI Light, is there any requirements for lighting fixture or lighting source?

Answer: NO, only need the lighting fixture or lighting source can meet the DALI driver. The brightness and switch is controlled by DALI Driver, it is Okay if the driver can meet DALI prototal.

2. Question - Can the lighting work if disconnecting the DALI singal wires when we use DALI Lighting?

Answer: Yes,the lighting can work when you connect the mains supply, and without connection DALI singal wires . But it can't be changed the brightness, the default is 100% brightness.

3. Question - Is the any requirements for DALI Singal wires, such as materials, distance?

Answer: It has not special requriements for DALI Singal Cables, without shielding. Thinking about  the voltage drop < 2V, the max distance is 300 meters(Needs suitable diameter cables), if need longer distance, it can be solved by adding DALI Reapter.

From the DALI offical website, the material, diameter,working temperature can affect the max transmission distance of DALI Singal.

For example, Copper wire can basically reach the maximum transmission distance when the online diameter is greater than 2mm2, and it will have serious influence when the online diameter is less than 1.5mm2. Appendix A.1 of IEC62386-101 describes the relationship between different wire, wire diameter, temperature and maximum transmission distance.







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