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DALI Type 8 is an addition to the original DALI standard, which does not only control luminosity but also gives you the opportunity to control the colour in your LED luminaires, like the RGB and colour temperature (also known under the name ‘Tunable white’).
On former DALI versions the system had two drivers and two addresses, one to the cold colour temperature and one to the warm colour temperature. The relationship between these two drivers controlled the colour temperature, meaning that you needed e.g. 40% from one driver with cold light and 60% from the other driver with warm light, to obtain a desired kelvin.
It was incredibly difficult to daylight regulate the lighting with an older DALI system because a simple alteration would distort the relationship between the drivers and change the colour temperature completely. It was a challenging process just to find the right colour temperature. On DALI Type 8 you have two channels on one address, which enables the drivers to alter the colour relationship automatically and hereby daylight regulate the lighting.
After such a technical explanation you might think what the benefits of DALI Type 8 really are. Apart from giving you the opportunity to ‘play’ with the lighting and illuminate your bedroom with a naughty ‘candy red’ colour, DALI Type 8 actually offer a range of more serious benefits.
Colour control through DALI Type 8 can give you a realistic daylight rhythm in your artificial indoor lighting. With DALI Type 8 you can make the lighting change in both colour and intensity, imitating the shifts occurring in the natural lighting outside. Systems like DALI Type 8 are highly sought after in the hospital sector, as bed ridden patients can get the feeling of natural lighting without having to get up and out.
iLed offers DALI Type 6 LED Lighting and DALI Type 8 LED Lighting to all commercial lighting projects.

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