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Questions and Answers about DALI Lighting - iLed

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2022-05-04 12:01:46]

1. Question - When you use DALI Light, is there any requirements for lighting fixture or lighting source? Answer: NO, only need the lighting fixture or lighting source can meet the DALI driver.... Continue reading


What is DALI Type 8? - iLed

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2022-03-31 11:03:09]

DALI Type 8 is an addition to the original DALI standard, which does not only control luminosity but also gives you the opportunity to control the colour in your LED luminaires, like the RGB and co... Continue reading

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There are 5 Differences between DALI and DMX

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2022-03-30 22:51:35]

We can see the Difference between DALI and DMX from below 5 points,   1. DALI is a decentrailized lighting control system, while DMX is a centralized lighting control system. ... Continue reading

DALI Bulkhead Light

Why choose DALI dimming? - iLed

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2022-02-14 12:07:03]

After we have an idea about DALI, we will know why we choose DALI dimming for the building lighting control from this post of DALI Dimming Advantages. 1. Simple Design, Easy Using DALI'... Continue reading


What is DALI? - iLed

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2021-11-11 20:45:19]

We should know what the four lettes (D-A-L-I) stand for before we know what DALI is.  D - Dagital A - Addressable L - Lighting I - Interface DALI is an interface for dagita... Continue reading

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