Top 10 Ways to Win Lighting Projects with DALI Systems

1. It has the positioning

It is specifically designed for lighting, whatever tradtional lighting or LED lighting.

2. It has standards

DALI has perfect equipment models and corresponding standards, IEC62386 101/102/103/104/105 2xx/3xx/... DiiA150, 250, 25x, 3xx/...

3. It has depth

DALI has a rich, detailed and perfect set of instructions for contorlling luminaires.

4. It is certification

DALI has a unified certification platform (ProbitLab2, ProbitBench, unified test sequence and flow), all DALI equipments have been approved by the platform, and can be launched with DALI Logo.

5. There is innovation.

DALI is always developing, from DALI to DALI-2, D4I and DALI+. Each time the standard is enriched in response to new technological changes and requirements.

6. There are factionalism

DALI has open alliances and  membership (DALI Alliance) is growing very fast.

7. There is an ecology.

DALI has a good product ecology, nearly 2,000 various certified products, with rapid growth.

8. There is a team

DiiA technical group / DiiA promotion group / DALI Alliance China focus group.

9. There are friends

The authoritative NEMA/ANSI/IEC institutions.

10. There is cooperation

Zhaga/SIG(Bluetooth)/CSA(Zigbee)/Thread Group

Looking to the future, the DALI Alliance sees opportunities for coordination and convergence of currently independent building systems such as HVAC, lighting, security and IT. Lighting designers, architects, facility maintenance teams and all downstream DALI users will benefit as DALI-certified products become more widely available, leveraging the vast amount of data from DALI sensors and controllers.The DALI Alliance looks forward to working together with other IoT systems to bring innovation and convergence to smart building projects through globally recognized standardization and certification.

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